Read the Game ...for what it truly is
Behind the mask Learn Learn to see through new eyes
Human's all about survival Helping you to adapt to new environments
The Labryinth navigated...from those who have endured Showing you the golden thread to your survival
Sales Reloaded...exceeding targets Achieving victory in the new bazaar
Talent unleashed...harness the potential of your network Because great people make great companies

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The BoardWalk - White Paper

"The Desk is a dangerous place from which to view the world" - John Le Carré Background Far... read more

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Case Studies

Babcock Communications

Situation Babcock adopted a new market strategy and required their business development team to adopt new... read more

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TSA Europe...human performance delivered

TSA Europe is one of the world’s longest running Human Performance Management Companies, focusing exclusively in the field of HPM.  Since our foundations in 2000, our company has assisted more than 60,000 people, from over 200 companies, with the knowledge, systems and tools to make immediate, sustained and measurable improvements to their performance.
TSA Europe is headquartered in the UK, with associate offices in San Francisco, Boston, Singapore and eight countries in Europe.

Working with TSA Europe has allowed our clients to benefit from; increased revenues, improved profits and increased customer acquisition. Our methodologies have also improved the effectiveness of the Board and the Executive and have improved organisation alignment behind the Board in times of managing change.

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