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Selling in a Recession - 05 March 2014

Selling in a Recession Mark recently presented a thought provoking seminar on “Selling in a... Read more

Investigative and Analytical Interviewing - 03 February 2014

Investigative and Analytical Interviewing In November 2011, Richard the MD of TSA Europe along with only 30... Read more

Introduction to Assessing Truthfulness in the Workplace - White Paper - 03 February 2014

Introduction Though I am not a gambling person I would confidently bet that, even if you are reading this... Read more

Implementation Intentions - White Paper - 03 February 2014

Introduction The concept of implementation intentions was created by the psychologist Peter Gollwitzer, and... Read more

Learning Paths - White Paper - 03 February 2014

Overview A unique and innovative methodology for learning is generating profits and winning praise... Read more

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